Light Language Transmission | Golden light of Unconditional LOVE | Recenter and realign to light

The last week was a powerful week with the Full Moon, Eclipse, and 11.11 portal and so much is being touched and activated within and all around. Beautiful codes of awakening but also triggers and deep shadows that are ready to be released.

While we go through these immense transformations not only within but also on a global scale and beyond, it will become more and more important to center within your being, to reconnect to LOVE and YOUR UNIQUE channel of divine TRUTH for guidance and clarity.

Because you hold all the answers you are looking for within! TRUST yourself, your inner guidance, and your gut feeling!

That invites you to take moments of stillness, to hear (the sometimes still soft whispers) of your inner guidance within, and the more you tune in the clearer it will become.

It is re-learning to understand and speak the voice of your body, your field, your emotions, and your inner guidance.

This Light Language Transmission will guide you to connect deep within and for a moment feel and recieve the gift of Unconditional Love. And the more moments in your day you can be in those LOVE spaces for SELF and all around, the more magical things start to happen. Even if it is for just a couple of minutes a day!

Start where you can start, do something different than you did yesterday, choose YOU, choose LOVE, choose BEING YOUR MAGNIFICENCE RADIANCE because you are worthy of it!!!!

Let us together change the world ONE LOVE SPARK AT A TIME, starting within and then rippling it our everywhere!

You hold the KEYS for change! 

See you in the next message,  

Much love and blessings, 

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