Rose Flame Meditation

Rose Flame transmission, instantly purify your field for crystal clarity

Whether you’re looking for more clarity, or you’re craving for more inner peace and self-love, or you’re finally ready to take aligned action towards the manifestations of your deepest desires with confidence, this free gift is here to support you!

This Rose Flame transmission rapidly purifies your field. Releases slower vibrations, emotional blockages, old patterns, and distortions that are ready to be cleared in this now moment, to tap into more of your divine truth for clarity and guidance towards the manifestation of your desires. This transmission allows you to tap into more of your radiance, your unique life force energy flowing through your body.

This transmission is a powerful tool that supports you to elevate all the parts of you into a higher octave, making you highly magnetic for attracting your deepest desires. In this sacred space, resistance is released creating a cohesive vortex in your field in the direction of your desire.

The high-frequency cosmic sounds, divine light, and sacred geometry in this transmission create rapid ascension and healing within your body and consciousness.

Ready to say Yes to yourself and the deep desires you feel within yourself?

See you in the next message,  

Much love and blessings, 

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