Venus Rose, Release the old Awaken the New with the

Release the old awaken the new is a powerful transmission with New Earth Codes co-created with the Venus Rose frequencies. 

These codes came through to support you in going within deep layers of your physical and energetic body to become aware of what is ready to be released. These Divine Technologies came through to support you in clearing out the old, all that no longer serves you, within the deeper layers of your body and field. So you can receive and hold more highly evolved frequencies in this now moment within you!

Your slowest vibration determines the quickness of your transformation!

Are you ready to release what is holding you back so you can unlock more of your divine potential?

The high-frequency cosmic sounds, divine light, and sacred geometry in this transmission create rapid ascension and healing within your body and consciousness.

See you in the next message,  

Much love and blessings, 

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