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I am Kim van de Sande

I am a Sacred Architect, Cosmic Channel, Akashic Records Master, High Priestess, Best-Selling Author, and Transformational Teacher. Using my sacred tools, I help beautiful souls from all over the world to re-connect to LOVE and awaken their unique wisdom and uniqueness within. My mission is to open the hearts and minds of millions through the power of love, amplifying their ability to fully embody their divine potential with the speed of light, empowering them to navigate these rapidly changing times with trust and confidence while quickly manifesting their deepest desires and highest calling from the strong foundation of LOVE.

When I'm not teaching and co-creating with my clients, I spend joyful moments with my family and friends, scribing my next channeled books, hiking in nature, and traveling to sacred sites all around the world. With my transformative work and presence, I inspire others to awaken to their full potential and live a life of purpose, passion, and joy.

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Much Love, 

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Flower of Love is a brandname of Kimness, and is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under the number 77999363.

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My Mission

It is my mission to awakening the hearts of millions of souls all around the world, re-connecting them to their Inner Wisdom and (Self+)Love, to life a soul fulfilling life. Being your unique YOUNESS is your biggest contribution!

Planting trees

I am passionate about projects that support the transformation of desert-land back into green nourishing land. Planting trees, creating green land where people can grow their own food again and where CO2 goes back into the ground. For me it is a beautiful cycle, being able to support the evolution of Consciousness and Mother Earth on multiple levels. At this moment it is planting trees with a % of the profits, in the future it is my vision to contribute to this on a larger scale.

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