Ready to awaken your full potential and manifest abundance in all areas of your life?

Activate the Flower of Love today and experience the power of magnetic manifestations, re-connect to the essence of your soul, and awaken untapped gifts and resources within your divine blueprint to create the life of your dreams from the strong foundation of Love. These Divine Love codes support you to transform your life, and raise your vibration to elevate into new levels of joy, passion, connection, radiance, abundance, and inspiration. 

Flower of Love Highlights

These transformational divine love teachings will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you re-connect with the essence of your soul, awaken untapped gifts and resources within your divine blueprint, to become highly magnetic to manifest abundance, love, and joy in all areas of your life. With the guidance of Kim and the Flower of Love council, you'll learn to raise your vibration, reclaim your inner oneness, and live a soul-fulfilling life.


Create inner coherency, to become highly magnetic to manifest the life you deeply  desire with ease and grace


Re-connect to your essence and awaken untapped resources within your blueprint to support the creation of your big vision


Reclaiming SelfLove, BEing you with confidence, and experience more joy, passion, radiance and inspiration, living a soul fulfilling life


Consistantly Raise your vibration, reclaiming inner Oneness, which not only magically changes your life but also of these around you and beyond

Your investment 

What are you waiting for? Come join this journey of Self-discover, Empowering Love and Magnetic Manifestation. This online self-paced journey guides you through the empowering teachings of Activating the Flower of Love and offers you additional deepening insights into the divine teachings of the book. 

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What you will receive in this online journey 

25+ Empowering video modules 

14 Powerful audio activations

practical tools and deepening exersizes

Activating the Flower of Love, an empowering guide to magnetic manifestations, inner transformation, and awakening your full potential

Through these Teachings you will learn how to re-connect to the essence of your soul and awaken untapped gifts and resources within your divine blueprint. With the transformational teachings of Kim and the Flower of Love council, you will quickly expand into your next level of contribution, mission, abundance, love, career, and connections, all from the strong foundation of love.

Are you ready to experience more joy, passion, radiance, and inspiration in your life?

Reclaiming self-love and being confident in who you truly are is the key to a soul-fulfilling life. "Activating the Flower of Love" will guide you on this journey, showing you how to consistently raise your vibration and reclaim inner oneness. This not only magically changes your life, but also the lives of those around you and beyond.

Are you ready to say goodbye to negative patterns and embrace the beauty and purity of your innate spiritual perfection now? Your heart holds divine genius and power, and this book will inspire you to invite in the most magical life for yourself and your loved ones. Choices, decisions, and projects inspired by love have countless and far-reaching positive effects.

Love is the frequency of creation.

Whether you're just starting on your spiritual path or have been on it for decades, "Activating the Flower of Love" will feel like a loving friend, offering you peace and guidance along the way. The sacred teachings are easy to comprehend and highly impactful, and the activations included will be a game changer for your journey.

So, take the leap of faith and embrace the power within you. You can do this!

Unlock your full potential and transform your life with the powerful teachings of Kim and the Flower of Love council today! Available in Online Program and Book (Paperback & eBook). Don't miss this opportunity to awaken your gifts, unleash your abundance, and live a life filled with joy and fulfillment, start your Sacred Love Journey today!  

This is for you if you are ready

  • to generate abundance by doing what you love without over-giving and overdoing
  • to experience more compassion and inner peace in each and every moment 
  • to create from flow and inspiration without perfectionism holding you back
  • to be more visible without fear or self-judgment taking you down
  • to connect with your divine truth for guidance and clarity in each and every moment
  • to create from unity within instead of from separation and lack
  • to experience beauty in each and every moment
  • create a resilient foundation of Love to navigate these rapidly changing times connected to your Higher Self guidance for clarity and support

Start your sacred journey today