Meet the Certified Ambassadors of Love

Activating the Flower of Love 

Sacred Circle Guides

Every one of these beautiful Souls is a continuous student of Love, committed to their own ongoing journey of growth and transformation. Each of these amazing healers, teachers, leaders, guides and wayshowers from all over the world have chosen to deepen their understanding of the Sacred Love Codes of 'Activating the Flower of Love' through our Ambassador of Love certification program, studying alongside me and the Flower of Love Council for a minimum of 6 months, equipping them with the wisdom and tools to guide others along their Activating the Flower of Love journey. As wayshowers, they are here to illuminate the path and support fellow seekers on their own transformative journey. 

As an Intuitive Ascension Coach, I empower you to strengthen your connection to Source, using your past to seed your future. I blend multiple modalities as a Certified Crystalline Soul Healing® practitioner, Quantum Human Design™ Specialist, Ambassador of Love, Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer, and more.

Bethany Mitchell


I am a navigator of the unseen worlds, and a lover of ALL LIFE, here to stand as an Ambassador of Love. Utilizing gifts as an Ordained Priestess, DragonHeart, Akashic Wisdom Keeper, Shamanic Practitioner and Certified Sophia Circle Leader™, I support your Higher Self Embodiment as you step into your authentic leadership.

Cynthia Portlock


I am a Certified Life Coach, Akashic Records Practitioner, Angel Healer/Angel Guide, and a level 2 Reiki Healing Practitioner. As a new Ambassador of the Flower of Love Practitioner, all my skills unite in a most unique, loving, and nurturing way to guide awakening souls on their spiritual journey to know and love themselves.

Teresa Warren


Activating the Flower of Love available in Paperback, eBook and Online journey

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Activating the Flower of Love

Allow the Divine wisdom of the Activating the Flower of Love cards guide you towards a life filled with more happiness, self-love, and growth. Experience a deeper purpose and abundance in all aspects of life. With each draw, deepen your connection with your true Self, awaken your inner wisdom, and activate your intuition for guidance and clarity. It's time to create the life you've always wanted now from the resilient foundation of Love!