Are you ready to rediscover your true Essence and live a deeply soul-fulfilling life?

Are you ready to remember, awaken, and ignite your divine spark? To reclaim the fullness of who you are, becoming the contribution you were destined to be, and living a life rich with purpose and soul fulfillment. Join this sacred journey of soulful awakening, where the wisdom of Embodiment awaits. These teachings will empower you to swiftly reconnect with your Inner Wisdom, Magic, Power, and Resilience, providing you with the tools to confidently navigate these rapidly changing times with confidence and clarity. Manifest your deepest desires and answer your highest calling from a strong, resilient foundation of Love, allowing your Inner Radiance to shine brighter than ever before!

These Divine LOVE Technologies support you to Become Your True Self

In this sacred journey of self-discovery, you'll be guided to not only reclaim your true essence but also to nurture a divine seed anchored on Earth. Love will gracefully pave your path, tending to this seed and allowing it to thrive and flourish.


Forge a sturdy foundation of Love as you evolve under the gentle guidance of your inner divinity.


Empower yourself to fulfill your purpose, warmly embracing the trials of life, and unlocking an infinite wellspring of potential.


Return to the essence of your being, cherishing every facet, and rekindling your divine spark. Reclaim the fragments of your soul, reintegrating into a state of Wholeness and Oneness.


Step into a journey of authentic self-acceptance, where you rediscover your essence and unlock the boundless potential within.


Awaken the divine spark within you, illuminating your path with purpose, wisdom, and Love.


Discover the hidden keys to your authentic self within the depths of your shadows and emerge as your true, radiant self.

What do you receive in this 3-month sacred journey?

6x Bi-weekly laser group calls

These laser bi-weekly group Q&A calls + Transmissions are here to support you with whatever comes up during this journey. These calls are designed to gain clarity, and confidence and to support you with clear structures to get you results. You receive 6 live calls for the duration of 3 months.

Deepest Desires & Highest calling module

These empowering modules support you with powerful new awareness and guide you to connect with the energy and manifestation of your deepest desires and highest calling

9x Divine Embodiment Activations

These powerful 50-minute multidimensional activations are designed to bring you in energetic alignment with your deepest desires and quickly connect you with deeper layers of your Divine Self quickly. These laser focus activations transform the layers of illusion and activate higher states of consciousness in all the different energy centers in your body. Building resilience and a cohesive field for you to quickly expand into your next-level career, contribution, Love, relationships, and finance.

Extra modules

These powerful modules deepen the experience of the activations. Each in its own unique way brings a divine contribution.

9x Cosmic Sound morning upgrades

These short cosmic light transmissions are powerful upgrades for your field. They accelerate each activation and are mini audio’s that bring you quickly in alignment with the energy portal of that activation. These short audios are designed for you to listen to each day. These are real accelerators supporting you to constantly expand your impact.

Sacred community with like-minded souls

Where two or more are gathered magic is created. By sharing inspiration, challenges, wins, gifts, and talents everyone can learn from each other, elevating the whole. Having a sacred space where you are seen, supported, and nurtured while you elevate to your next level is gold!


Bonus #1

Access to the Kimness Cosmic Transmission Library with 9x empowering Light Language Transmissions

Bonus 2

Access to the the Divine Embodiment transmission Library with 23x powerful Transmissions

Bonus 3

Growing library of Flower of Love Embodiment live call transmissions


Your transformation begins here. Join us on this profound journey of soulful awakening, where you'll swiftly reconnect with your Inner Wisdom, Magic, Power, and Resilience. These tools will empower you to navigate these rapidly changing times with confidence and clarity.

Your investment for this 3-month journey is
NOW only €997,-

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What they say

Jessica Falcon

"Kim’s words and activations go straight to the core of my being. The flower of love embodiment journey has brought me into deeper states of self-love and reconnection with my true feminine essence. It now feels safer than ever before to fully anchor my light into my body so I can fulfill my soul’s mission on this planet. I am eternally grateful for the experience, and I highly recommend the embodiment journey (and flower of love online program) to anyone who is ready to soften, open, and expand into more of who you are."

Pamela Power

"I treasure every connection, every activation, and every call I have had with Kim. She’s truly one of the most genuinely caring and gifted people I have had the honor to meet! From our first chat, I knew that meeting her was a blessing and would enhance my life. And I was so right! I am so grateful that I listened to my intuition and decided to work with her. If you want to embody love and feel a deeper alignment with your soul’s mission, you were guided to her purposefully, too."

Ariana Groenendijk

"Hello, I followed the program divine embodiment activation with Kim. When I felt into the program and what it could bring me I felt so much aliveness. Really embodying my divinity was a desire of mine. I already knew and felt it a bit, but I could feel there was more to explore. Kim is such a loving and compassionate woman. I believe I have never been able to go so deep and ground myself so easily when in activation of Kim. The life calls are extraordinary. Every time I got exactly what I needed at that moment in time. Kim holds the space with grace. She stands beside you, is fully present, and cheers you up. I felt seen in my love and light and in my humaneness. There is so much depth in the activations, they are profound. It is hard to describe in words what it did, you just have to feel it yourself. To let the words and the sounds resonate in my body, in my field brought up so many layers that could be released. Newfound space that could be filled with love and light. No hard work, but definitely noticeable in daily life. I feel calmer, more centered and I trust deeply in myself, my divinity, and the universe. I can truly recommend this journey."

An D’hoe

"The Divine Embodiment Activation was deeply transformational! It supported me in releasing veils of fear, doubt, and worry, and activated an unshakable trust within me and trust in the co-creation with the Divine, trust in my inner knowing and in my sacred intuition. I started to develop and experience unconditional love for myself and for the infinite possibilities to heal and release slower vibrations from past experiences or traumas. I could really feel the shift of stepping into my light and power. When I started, I was afraid of sharing my voice, now I feel empowered from within to share my unique truth. As I embodied more of my multidimensional Self, my gifts and talents opened up more fully, and I started to speak light language. Before the Divine Embodiment Activations, I didn’t feel complete: there had always been a part (of me) missing that I have now found and been reunited with. In a sacred and embodied, realistic way. I love to keep listening daily to the powerful activations and every time I listen they touch a different or deeper layer within me and reveal another dot or sign or piece from the divine power we all hold within us. This program supported me in building a strong energetic foundation within myself. I feel more resilient than ever before and I express my unique gift with trust, confidence, and a deeper knowing of myself as a being of light. It is such a powerful gift and blessing to work with Kim, she creates a loving, sacred space where you feel really safe, guided, supported, and loved to be all of you and to allow your divine uniqueness to come through. I would recommend this magnificent program to everyone who is ready to own and embody and share his/her greatness and unique divine frequency!"

This is for you if you are ready to... 

✓ Remember, awaken, and ignite your divine spark

✓ Reclaim the fullness of who you are.

✓ Become the contribution you were destined to be.

✓ Live a life rich with purpose and soul fulfillment.

✓ Embrace your authentic self with confidence and clarity.

Your Divine Teacher for this Sacred Journey

Kim van de Sande

Kim is a visionary on a mission to open the hearts and minds of millions to re-connect to Love, to awaken their Inner Wisdom and Divine Spark. As a Sacred Architect, Cosmic Channel, and Akashic Records Master, she utilizes her skills to amplify the divine potential within others at lightning speed, empowering them to navigate rapidly changing times, manifest their desires, and fulfill their true purpose fueled by Love.

Two-time international best-selling author and Founder of the Flower of Love mystery school lineage, she channels the teachings of Divine Love, anchoring higher vibrational codes to facilitate Earth's conscious evolution, guiding others on a transformative journey to unleash their boundless potential.

Kim's own experiences, including loss, burnout, and chronic illness, have shaped her into a fearless mentor. She has delved into the depths of her being, reclaiming lost fragments along the way. This wisdom, gained through embodied experiences, enables her to compassionately meet others in their shadows and recognize the transformative power within discomfort.

When not guiding and co-creating, Kim finds joy in cherishing moments with her husband and two girls, spending time with family and friends, scribing her next channeled books, immersing herself in nature, and embarking on journeys to spiritual sites worldwide. She is an ever-evolving student of life and these sacred codes of Love, continuously anchoring and embodying higher templates of consciousness to support Earth's (R)Evolution.

These endeavors align her with her purpose, inspiring others to embrace their limitless potential through the transformative power of Love.


Your journey towards becoming your true, radiant self begins now!

This Sacred Journey is a pathway to quickly aligning your energies with the essence of your deepest desires and your highest calling. It's a process of reclamation, allowing you to fully embrace your Essence and inherent birthright to CREATE FROM LOVE.

Within the embrace of the Flower of Love, you'll experience a rapid alignment with your divine feminine creative power. It activates the most untapped resources within your seed of creation, transforming you into a magnetic vortex that effortlessly draws in all that will support you to fully step into your highest calling.

Deep within your being, an undeniable knowing is stirring. It's a call to radiate your light brighter than ever before, to manifest the life you've always envisioned, and to fully embody the contribution you were meant to be.

Your journey to living your Magnificent Radiance begins here!