We invites you to read these guidelines before joining a (group) session or program

♥ Enter the process with a pure heart committed to inner growth and peace.

♥ Take in what resonates with you! You have all the wisdom within you, if your heart/intuition/guides tell you something different follow that! Always follow that! We are all individual, sovereign beings, walking an individual path within this collective process. If during a session/meditation/group call you feel an inner calling to align in your own way, please do so!

♥ Focus on your heart, with your intention, or by placing your hands on your heart. Your heart is a portal to your soul and source consciousness. If you feel overwhelmed, please take your awareness back to your heart.

♥ Always honor your boundaries.

♥ See yourself as a limitless being, all is possible.

♥ During meditations/sessions/1-on-1 appointments, you will benefit most when you are in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted by others.

♥ When we gather in a group circle/meditation we exponentially magnify the light within ourselves and each other, we exponentially magnify the power of healing and shifts in consciousness. We advise that people who feel mentally unstable should NOT participate in these works/groups. Be honest to yourself if this is for you or you first need something else before entering these high-frequency gatherings.

♥ Make time in your day to fill your heart with gratitude.

♥ Everyone is responsible for their own feelings and thoughts and we do not project them onto others. Take responsibility for your own emotions, it is all energy within yourself.

♥ If you are mirrored by someone else in this group, see this as an invitation to deepen your inner connection, this is not from the other, it is your inner process, a signal that slower vibrations can be released out of your energy field. See the wisdom of your emotional system.

♥ This is a safe space where we can individually and collectively move to deeper levels of inner freedom and reach higher states of consciousness.

♥ What is shared by individuals in these gatherings stays in these groups.

♥ Groups are built from mutual respect, respect for each other’s privacy, and the sacred space we create together.

♥ Drink plenty of fresh water and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, be in nature and give your body the movement it needs, to support your body in the transformation process.

♥ You are always responsible for your own health and the choices you make.

♥ Please note, I am not a physician, I work from inner divine inspiration, and I make no promises, claims, or guarantees.

♥ Always listen to your inner guidance.