Ready to let your Soul Essence Blossom into fulfillment?

To awaken your full potential and create a life of love, abundance, radiant health, joy, passion, and purpose? To unapologatically be you? 

Kim van de Sande

Hello beauitful soul, I am looking forward to being a part of your continued growth and success! 

All these SACRED SPACES... their own unique way, support you to rapidly re-connect with the core of your BEING, guiding you to awaken your untapped GIFTS and resources within your divine bleuprint, so you feel EMPOWERED from within to dis-cover the WISDOM within your shadows, transform your fear's with LOVE into GROWTH and INSPIRED action - to quickly shift from resistance into FLOW.

Supporting you to ANCHOR in LOVE and guiding you to tap into your TRUTH as a guiding compass to NAVIGATE these rapidly changing times.

You hold the KEY, the ANSWER and the SOLUTION, it is time to deeply RE-MEMBER your MAGNIFICENCE. 

Much love, 

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Your Sacred Guide

Kim van de Sande

Kim is a Sacred Architect, Cosmic Channel, Akashic Records Master, High Priestess, Best-Selling Author, and Transformational Teacher. Using her sacred tools, she helps beautiful souls from all over the world to re-connect to LOVE and awaken their unique wisdom and uniqueness within. Kim's mission is to open the hearts and minds of millions through the power of love, amplifying their ability to fully embody their divine potential with the speed of light, empowering them to navigate these rapidly changing times with trust and confidence while quickly manifesting their deepest desires and highest calling from the strong foundation of LOVE.

When Kim is not teaching and co-creating with her clients, she spends joyful moments with her family and friends, scribing her next channeled books, hiking in nature, and traveling to sacred sites all around the world. With her transformative work and presence, Kim inspires others to awaken to their full potential and live a life of purpose, passion, and joy.

What others say


South Africa

"I have received many powerful healing sessions in my time but this was on another level! Kim is such a powerhouse yet delivers the essence of the session with such expansive love and gentleness. She holds a very strong space for you as she guides you into the deepest parts of Self, gently dismantling the blocks that prevent you from being in your highest expression. Her light language and angelic voice penetrate the soul and melt away all that does not support you on your path. Her wisdom is ancient, it’s anchored deep within the stars, you can feel it. I am in awe of her beautiful gifts and her beautiful soul! She’s a true gift! Thank you, Kim. Love"



“Your singing is so powerful and loving. It penetrates the deep layers of your soul. I have been able to let go and receive a lot. It is special that you can create such a strong connection between the universe and the earth that resonates deeply in your body. It is difficult to describe in words“


New Mexico

” I am so grateful to have connected with Kim and been able to have her read my records on several occasions. Each reading I’ve received has been a powerful, on point clearing that went right to the heart of the issues, even going far deeper than what I was consciously aware of. In my records, Kim has seen and described past life experiences that were holding my back from my full potential in the present. We’ve cleared several past life influences, and each time I’ve been amazed at the story that unfolded, so clearly paralleling a challenge that I was presently working with. I’ve noticed that no matter what starting point we use to go in— my work in the records with Kim always goes straight to the most important place to clear- this has let me to relax about feeling like I need to ask the “right” questions. Instead, I’ve been able to trust the energy and the journey of each session. As a result of our work I’ve seen the energy of relationships shift, my confidence raised, and a new centeredness in my purpose. During one of my sessions with Kim, we cleared and released some energy around how I approach my work. I was about to start a new group offering and was feeling pressured about it, with some old beliefs still running the show. We did some deep work including a past life clearing around the root of this energy. I was amazed (but not surprised) when I had two more people sign up for my program, immediately following our season. I would highly recommend her sessions to anyone seeking deeper clarity and insight on their path. “



“The Divine Embodiment Activation was deeply transformational! It supported me in releasing veils of fear, doubt, and worry, and activated an unshakable trust within me and trust in the co-creation with the Divine, trust in my inner knowing and in my sacred intuition. I started to develop and experience unconditional love for myself and for the infinite possibilities to heal and release slower vibrations from past experiences or traumas. I could really feel the shift of stepping into my light and power. When I started, I was afraid of sharing my voice, now I feel empowered from within to share my unique truth. As I embodied more of my multidimensional Self, my gifts and talents opened up more fully, and I started to speak light language. Before the Divine Embodiment Activations, I didn’t feel complete: there had always been a part (of me) missing that I have now found and been reunited with. In a sacred and embodied, realistic way. I love to keep listening daily to the powerful activations and every time I listen they touch a different or deeper layer within me and reveal another dot or sign or piece from the divine power we all hold within us. This program supported me in building a strong energetic foundation within myself. I feel more resilient than ever before and I express my unique gift with trust, confidence, and a deeper knowing of myself as a being of light. It is such a powerful gift and blessing to work with Kim, she creates a loving, sacred space where you feel really safe, guided, supported, and loved to be all of you and to allow your divine uniqueness to come through. I would recommend this magnificent program to everyone who is ready to own and embody and share his/her greatness and unique divine frequency!”